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Sophie Stokes, Creator of IN SOFIA’S KITCHEN



Where Food and Travel is our passion

In Sofia’s Kitchen is a food and travel business with a love for all things Mediterranean. We are small enough to take care of your needs but big enough to secure great prices and fabulous locations.

Our Vision

We see people discovering beauty in the destinations they travel to, enjoying deliciously good food and making authentic connections with those they meet.

Our Mission

To inspire people to taste the world, one foodie adventure at a time!


In Sofia’s Kitchen is where the heart is for Sophie. With her husband Greg, they raised their three daughters around the ideals of a Mediterranean lifestyle – gathering around the family table and sharing delicious and nutritious food, travelling around Europe and staying active through sport and the love of swimming. Sophie’s heritage is Greek and grew up in Australia eating lots of pastitsios, lamb souvlaki, and vegemite sandwiches. This has enabled her to appreciate the diversity and expressions of both cultures. Food Travel is a love of Sophie’s and is excited to be bringing you more unique and authentic food tours to Greece, Croatia and Canada.


Sophie is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a Certified Supervisor and has worked with children for many years. She has completed her Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing and has written and published over eight books for developing countries. Sophie has a Diploma of TESOL where she has put into practice while training teachers in developing countries as well as teaching children. Her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been valuable in assessing teachers and giving them ‘tools’ to use in the classroom. Sophie is a certified Food Safety Supervisor and also recently completed her Diploma of Leadership and Management enabling her to put together a strong business portfolio.

Sophie’s first employment was in a French-style restaurant called The Rendezvous in Sydney. Here, she discovered she loved serving people and delivering deliciously good food. She then went on to get a ‘real’ job in the office before choosing to be a ‘stay at home’ mum. She ended up staying home for a very long time as she home educated her daughters. Once they all graduated from the ‘home’ set up, she began to think about what she wanted to do for herself. It took a while to decide because there was so much to choose from and she wanted to experience it all, but in the end she realised she always had a deep love for hospitality and wholesome food, as she practiced this with her family and friends during those ‘growing’ years. In November 2016, ‘In Sofia’s Kitchen’ was launched with her first cookbook, In Sofia’s Kitchen: Mediterranean Flavours Down Under.

From there, Sophie expanded her business to include Greek Mediterranean Cooking Workshops, My Big Fat Mediterranean Feasts, Foodie Retreats and Food Travel Adventures to Greece. Her deep passion for discovering new destinations has now launched her into collaborating full-time with Jayes Travel and will be offering more travel options for clients in the Newcastle office which means cooking workshops and feasts will no longer be offered after December 2019.