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Have you noticed how busy life has become for most of us?

There is always something to do, a task to complete or an errand to run!

It can get frantic at times and there are some core values I think most of us have that we really don’t want to compromise. Let me share some of mine!

CORE VALUE NO. 1 – I try not to allow the busyness of life interfere with my connection with those close to me.

I have this policy with myself, if ever my family or close friends have a need, I will put down whatever I am doing and go to them. This may sound noble of me but truly, at the end of the day, I am not going to be disappointed because I missed out on that meeting or event I could have gone to so I can build my platform. What I would be disappointed with is if I couldn’t reach out to that person in need.

CORE VALUE NO. 2 – I try not to succumb to the pressure of eating out or buying take away and stay focused on eating homemade food.

I understand the occasional eating out or take away isn’t a big deal but on a regular basis, I know my body will thank me for home made food that is made using the freshest of ingredients, no added salt, sugar or bad fats.

CORE VALUE NO. 3 – I keep the main thing, the main thing. Family is the main thing. Gathering your family with you around the dinner table, eating homemade food and connecting on a deeper level is what makes my life a fulfilling life.

With everyone running around doing so much and having to complete deadlines etc.. it is a dying art these days to gather around the family table to do life together. But you know what, do what you can to gather your loved ones together and share a healthy meal and lots of healthy conversation.

The family is the foundation of our society.

There is always lots of debating going on in regards to what makes a good society! In my understanding, a healthy family that gathers together, does life together and looks out for one another is a strong foundation for the world we live in.

A healthy family makes way for a healthy city and a healthy city makes way for a healthy country and a healthy country makes way for a healthy world.

So on that note, if you need some help to keep you eating healthy and to keep gathering your family around the table – I am offering a special during the month of October – order FOUR meals and I will throw in a scrumptious carrot & hazelnut cake with cream cheese free with your order. Everything is made using the freshest of ingredients, no weird ingredients and all you have to do is set the table!

You can order your choice of four meals by sending me an email – and let me know which meals you want (check out what’s on offer on my website –

By the way, I love your feedback on my blogs. Keep them coming and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding my blog or food.

Happy Days to you my friends!