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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! What a scorching start to the year it’s been! If you’re anything like me, there’s no cooking going on or let’s say very minimal, as it’s the only way to keep the house cool and not overwork the air-conditioner!

I’m excited for all the possibilities this New Year holds. We’re continuing our pop up dinners after a successful first one in October last year. We hope to offer four dinners per year. We’re also prepping for our rustic cooking workshops starting in February. These workshops will be themed with a country in the Mediterranean region and we’re happy to announce the inclusion of two workshops for kids.

We finished the year with a huge meal service for a lovely young couple who were married in the most beautiful setting. Can I say I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride (other than my daughters of course!) than this gorgeous young lady who oozed grace and beauty. The owners of this gorgeous home were perfectly hospitable towards us and immediately we felt welcomed and included. It’s a big deal giving up your kitchen to strangers to prepare an array of dishes – I should know, my daughter had her wedding on our premises and let me tell you, it was touch and go at times!

We’re super excited for our very first Active Food Adventure this year in September and we invite you to seriously consider joining us. I’ve probably already said this but in case you’ve missed it, this is a tour that no one has ever offered before. It’s been uniquely and creatively put together so you’ll truly experience the real Greece and not a superficial tourist attraction. We’ve connected with family-run businesses committed to making your experience a memorable one and can I say, these people are the real deal who are operating from the heart. I think you’ll fall in love with them just like we did!

And extending from our Active Food Adventures we’ll be checking out some local places right here in Australia so we can bring you a Mediterranean experience down under!  Stay tuned for exciting news coming your way in the months ahead!

My website is getting some needed renovation work at the moment but as a little preview, I’m adding a section where I’ll be uploading lots of recipes you can get your hands onto! Oh, and for those of you that prefer to ‘watch & learn’ keep a look out for my YouTube channel coming to life in the next couple of months.

You may have noticed I’m getting back into the gym…yep sad to say I enjoyed tasting my new creations a little too much during 2017 and the extra kilos have crept onto my hips and let’s just say it ain’t pretty under that shirt of mine! Lol! Actually, I’m not that fussed but I’m well aware it’s that time in my life I need to build strength into my muscles to stay fit for a very long time.

My action plan started with assigning my very strong and fit daughter partnering with me at the gym. I’ve never been a fan of the gym; much prefer to play a round of netball and be part of a team but these days with my unpredictable timetable, the gym works better. I knew I’d need her to keep me motivated and interested and for those of you that know me very well you’ll know this next little bit of detail is a big deal…I arise at 6am every morning and go to the gym for an hour and then go for a swim in the ocean baths for half an hour. Yes I know you’re picking yourself off of the floor but you know, better late than never! But kudos to my girl who’s motivating me to go to the gym six days a week and working out, showing me how to use that weird looking equipment and occasionally give me that look. Parents of teenagers and young adults you know that look, right?

But seriously, get someone to go with you, that’ll keep you accountable and help you stay motivated. We’re never meant to do life alone, we’re made for community, so whatever it is you love to do or in some cases like me, need to do, surround yourself with the right people and I believe you’ll succeed in what you set out to do.

As for those sweets, I’ll still be creating them but this year I will be challenging myself to create some refined sugar free sweets and hopefully you’ll see them in my next cookbook such as my baklava bliss balls – no refined sugar but the scrumptious taste of a baklava – guilt free!

I love receiving feedback from you so please feel free to leave your comments and anything you would like to see me doing in 2018 – I love new ideas and new challenges!

Here’s to a fabulous 2018 and may your year be filled with rich experiences, authentic connections and a healthy you!